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iXedit is an XML editor.  XML authoring and coding is an often tedious process. iXedit aims to deliver tools that will speed up your XML coding process.

This editor has enhanced auto completion and template support, not only for XML, but also for widely used scripting languages like JavaScript, Java, PHP or ASP.

If the document is linked to a DTD, the definitions are used for validating the XML document.  In addition, definitions are used during the editing process so that possible XML names conveniently pop up and are ready for you to use. This feature minimizes mistyping, saves you time, and is a useful tool.

Included in this distribution are DTDs for widely used xml definitions like SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), XSLT (XML Stylesheet Templates) or Cocoon sitemaps (Apache framework). You can use other DTDs, or design your own. iXedit also has growing import and export capabilities in formats like Excel, complex text files or databases.

Main features:


Feature Description Status
PHP and Perl auto completion
Support for writing PHP and Perl. planned
PHP and Perl highlighting
PHP and Perl syntax highlighters. planned
ASP auto completion
Support for writing ASP. in development
ASP highlighting
ASP syntax highlighter. in development
Java auto completion
Specifically supports writing JSP code. in development
Java highlighting
Java syntax highlighter. Done
Javascript auto completion
Javasript code in XML document can be auto completed. This feature is based on user editable templates. in development
Javascript highlighting
Javascript code in an XML document is highlighted indicating JavaScript syntax.
XSLT processing
XSLT processing XML can be transformed to another document (another xml, text, rtf ..) using xsl. Done
LDAP import export
XML can be retrieved from LDAP servers and saved to them. Done
Database import export
XML can be retrieved from RDBMS databases and saved to them. in development
Complex text import
Conversion of complex text files to xml using sets of rules based on regular expressions. in development
Excel export
XML can be exported to Excel files. Done
Excel import
XML can be imported from Excel files. Done
XML syntax highlighting
Parts of XML text are colored to distinguish between elements, attributes and text. Done
Block highlighting
Blocks of XML text are visually highlighted for better readability. This feature also helps to minimize errors. Done
DTD validation
If a Document Type definition is attached (internal or external) it is used to validate XML document. Done
Well formedness check.
XML documents or its parts are checked to see if they obey XML syntax. Done
Auto completion
Auto completion Elements and attributes can be added by typing only the first few letters. Lists entries are suggested based on names already existing in the opened XML document. Done
XML authoring
Support for basic editing tasks like add, change, delete XML elements and attributes. Done

How you can help?

If you are using IXedit, please share your experiences. If you find a bug, write a bug report. If there is something missing, then please fill out a RFE - Request for Enhancement. If you find the program useful then let us know, and please spread the word.