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How to add, change or delete xml elements and attributes

Adding New XML Elements

You can add a new XML element by typing in the data or document view, or by using autocompletion.  Autocompletion is turned on whenever there is a DTD attached to your project.  (If there is no DTD, then iXedit uses existing names in your document.) 

Adding an Element in the XML Data view.

  1. Right click to get popup menu
  2. Select Edit, and then New element
  3. Select an element tag name from the drop down list, or type a new one

Adding an Element in the Document View

  1. Type the "<" character.  You can type your element data, closing it with "/>". 
  1. Type the "<" character, and then launch autocompletion by pressing Ctrl+SpaceBar.
  2. Select an element from the drop down list or type a new one.